The story of Surefoot Conforma

It all began in a tiny store in Utah. A pair of brothers were looking for a solution to ill-fitting ski boots, and what they created has evolved into the most tested and proven pre-molded insole to ever reach the market. This is the culmination of nearly three decades of experience, a million scans of feet from all over the world, and a scientific understanding of how a foot should optimally function. Surefoot® knows that the forces your feet endure during sport and every day life are repetitive, and at times, violent. From concept to production our goal is simple; make the most comfortable insole on the planet. Through sport-specific application, this goal was achieved by developing an insole that works in unison with the bio-mechancial function of the lower body.

Decades of custom insole manufacturing created an unrivaled expertise. We paired this expertise with a passion for sport to make the perfect design. And after rigorous testing, the result was an insole that makes a significant difference in performance, comfort, and injury prevention. Surefoot's relentless desire to provide the sports world with the best insole possible continues. Every year more than 100,000 feet are scanned, adding to the most comprehensive data on feet ever complied. It's this data that was the foundation of the Conforma line of insoles. And contributed to our recently released Women's Insole for narrower heels. From world-class marathon runners to the 5-miles-per-week enthusiast, Conforma insoles blend form and function seamlessly to make every run a better run.


The recent decline in the minimalist platforms has given rise to more flexible deconstructed running shoes with the main focus of improving the runner's experience.

Supportive and Flexible Platform. Conforma insole by Surefoot is specifically designed to work in unison with modern running shoe design, with an insole that removes three-quarter length shank technology, resulting in even more supportive and flexible platform.

Flex Groove Technology. Conforma accomplishes a supportive yet flexible platform by incorporating flex grooves and a scientifically shaped anatomic arch based on the average foot position of hundreds of thousands of athlete foot scans.

Running Re-imagined and Re-engineered. Conforma will completely change your running experience. Our lightweight, precision-engineered insoles work in tandem with running shoes to allow the foot to naturally flex through the entire gait cycle, giving runners a more natural foot flex, improved fit and comfort, and help reduce long-term overuse injuries.