Youth Age Injury Prevention

Has your child ever suffered from a sprained ankle on the soccer field, or been forced to stay home because of painful plantar fasciitis? Most parents with children involved in sports are all too familiar with the accompanying injuries. Surefoot Insoles can help. 
Foot and ankle support are a vital foundation for injury prevention. Whether your child is playing soccer, baseball, or any other sport, each stride causes impact on their body; especially on the feet. Even for young kids, foot pain can become a major hurdle in everyday life. With a culmination of more than two decades of experience and one million scans of feet from all over the world, Surefoot has perfected the out-of-the-box athletic insole. 
Our goal is simple: make Surefoot Insoles work in unison with the biomechanical function of the lower body. Aside from added comfort and enhanced performance, the proper support provided by Surefoot Insoles creates a correct and balanced stance. Designed to hold the foot in a powerful, neutral position that aligns the strongest bones in the ankle and foot; this works to prevent against natural injuries that come along with fast-paced sports. This support promotes better alignment which has been tested and proven to reduce pain in the knees, hips and lower back.

Every year, Surefoot scans more than 100,000 feet, making ours the most comprehensive data on feet ever compiled. The result is the perfect balance of support and cushion necessary for any athlete. These attributes play an important role in alleviating pressure to the foot by equally distributing support throughout the entirety of the foot instead of one centralized area. Foot health is often overlooked; however, before spending on updated gear, consider the positive impact the anatomically correct stance can have on the body by preventing common sport-related injuries.

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